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Everyone Can Sing - About Studio

I’m Molly Durand. I am a professional singer and  I've been teaching voice lessons in LA for 15 years.  If a student has a strong desire to FIND THEIR VOICE…not someone else’s voice…then I can teach ANYONE how to sing with vocal health,  joy and ease!


Going to a voice lesson once in a blue moon for a tune up is fine if you are a trained pro, but  I no longer teach one-off lessons.   I'm here for those who truly want to explore their instrument.  I've only seen students benefit when they come consistently for at least 12 weeks to find their voice or to reach a customized goal like recording a demo.  My packages provide the student and myself a more fulfilling  experience because the singer will have a full understanding of their own voice and a solid foundation of technique that will last a lifetime, or a finished product! 

If you have had extensive training or are a returning student looking to go to the next level I will customize an advanced 12 week course for you based off your desire. 


I’m committed to teaching vocal health and vocal liberation.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy their singing voice and feel connected to it.  Everyone deserves to build a relationship with their voice and meet the voice where its at, then expand.


If you are in LA you can enroll for in-person courses at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts.

If you are not in LA we can zoom or you can purchase my VIRTUAL VOCAL STUDIO

once it is complete...COMING SOON!

Book a phone or zoom consultation now to meet me and see what is right for you!

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